The Best CSGO Streamers and YouTubers to Follow for Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Becoming good at CSGO takes a lot more time, practice, and mentorship. With so many YouTubers and streamers, finding someone to look up to for reliable match-winning tips and tricks is no easy feat. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive newbies can learn much information by watching the pros play. This blog post will introduce you to some of the most commendable streamers and YouTubers.

Top CSGO Streamers and YouTubers to Follow

These content creators have spent countless hours honing their skills and sharing their knowledge with their audience. Listed below are our top picks:

  1. n0thing

In the first place, we have Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, a retired professional CSGO player turned streamer and YouTuber. Having played for top teams like Cloud9, n0thing has won multiple championships in the Esports community. He offers many helpful tips on gameplay, strategy, communication, rewards, and skins, so check out his YouTube channel for more inspiring information.

  1. WarOwl

The WarOwl has a YouTube channel visited by over 1.43 million subscribers who enjoy watching fun and creative first-person shooter videos while listening to the in-game commentary. That’s a whopping 384 million total views from 882 videos! Can you imagine? Around 42 new fans join the community daily, and the content creator earns approximately $4K monthly through YouTube. The WarOwl’s content is mostly about weapon tutorials, competitive gameplay streams, and how-to videos that help players improve their skills.

  1. 3kliksphilip

Philip, or as he is popularly known in the gaming world, “3kliksphilip”, is a content creator who has earned a name for himself in the CSGO community.

With over 1.06 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, Philip covers a vast range of topics related to CSGO. 3kliksphilip’s videos mainly focus on gameplay, weapon statistics, map design, map changes, skins, and experience.

  1. Voo

Voo CSGO is a YouTube channel run by a passionate gamer with over 12 years of competitive gaming. He’s built an incredible community of over 223K subscribers who love tuning in for his expert advice on everything CSGO. From tips and setting guides to pro secrets and how-to videos, Voo’s channel is a treasure trove of knowledge for gamers of all levels. He’s even managed to rack up an impressive 39.4 million views so far!

  1. NadeKing

NadeKing is a talented YouTuber from Estonia who creates amazing videos about all things CSGO. The lack of thematic settings in his videos is what makes them unique, always keeping the next one a mystery. From showcasing coaches playing CSGO to teaching silver-ranked players how to improve, NadeKing’s videos cover it all. He even adds a touch of humor to keep things light and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a dependable CSGO YouTuber with unique and high-quality video ideas, subscribing to NadeKing is definitely worth it.

  1. BananaGaming 

BananaGaming is a YouTube channel providing various CSGO content, including gameplay tips, tutorials, and humor. 

Having been in the industry for more than four years, his goals, and passion are evident. 

What’s excellent about BananaGaming is that he breaks down game mechanics in a really simple way. The channel shows its visitors step-by-step guides on how to move, when, and how to do it. He covers everything from recoil patterns to new skins, how DPI affects gameplay, and much more. Big on sharing tips, tricks, news, and analysis, Bananagaming’s YouTube channel is one to watch.

Whether you are a new or experienced CSGO player, following these top CSGO streamers and YouTubers can help you learn new tips and tricks to improve your gameplay. From retired pros to professional players and coaches, these content creators offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you level up your skills. So why not check out their streams and videos and start improving your CSGO skills? Click here for more information on CSGO betting sites, CSGO giveaways, bonuses, coins, and more.

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