Intas Pharmaceuticals Limited’s State-of-the-art FFORCE

The revolutionary cloud-based platform aims to streamline data collection, storage, and analysis from diverse sources; consequently enhancing user convenience with intaspharma, an interface well-suited for various activities undertaken by employees:

Intas: A Brief Historical Account of the FFR

  • Globally based, FFR Intas actively operates as a global production: it manufactures and innovates medication definitions; moreover, it strategically markets these pharmaceutical products worldwide.
  • Demonstrating commitment to the investigation of underappreciated clinical and cultural needs forms an integral part of its extensive global pharmaceutical value chain.
  • Accord Healthcare became an established auxiliary corporation to conduct business in the global sector; Intas, through organic expansion and acquisition strategies that bolster its product portfolio and commercial activities has consistently grown year after year.
  • Its exceptional performance on projects in North America and Europe has, in part, established a global brand identity for the firm.
  • All the company’s offerings, products, and services alike, manifest its high-quality standards; these are pervasive in every operation conducted by the business.
  • It boasting an impressive portfolio thanks to its dispersed pipeline and robust internal development capabilities, competes with some of the best in business. Presently focusing on more challenging-to-approve advancements like biosimilars and new chemical entities; the company aims for a swift elevation of global standards in medical service excellence.
  • Intas highly values its employees’ decision-making capacity; therefore, it actively seeks to maximize utilization of its diverse business areas: this is achieved through strategic acquisition and retention of top talent within the organization.

Under the name of Accord Healthcare umbrella

  • ffr intas has readied a subsidiary network for global market operation. The company, over time, expanded its product portfolios and operations through both organic growth and strategic acquisitions. 
  • Presently commanding strong sales in more than 85 countries worldwide; it possesses an exemplary infrastructure for marketing distribution across prominent markets including North America, Europe Central America & Latin Asia-Pacific CIS Mena countries. 
  • Their emergence as the global brand in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market owes much to the extraordinary success of their North American and European operations.
  • Its uncompromising quality standards manifest in every product and service: all products originate from facilities endorsed by the main global regulatory agents including USFDA, MHRA, EMA, TGA, MCC; Anvisa is just among many others. 
  • As of now the segment’s leading pipe is inttas’ ability to foster robust internal development that empowers them to vie with some of this industry’s largest portfolios. 


Intas: a firm that truly espouses the empowerment of individuals believes in this concept fundamentally. With an eye on fulfilling its overarching vision, Intas strives to secure and retain top-tier talent across all industries; their ultimate goal is harnessing each market’s diversity for maximum utility.

In the near future, Intas will intensify its global healthcare superiority by persistently investing in advanced developments that pose higher entry barriers: biosimilar and new chemical entities.

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