Sitetracker Raised $42million. To Bring Big Data Insights To Critical Infrastructure Management.

Being the ideal platform for project management across several sites, Sitetracker is specifically designed to track and adequately manage vital projects based on infrastructure. It has raised a noteworthy $42 million in its series C round of funding, and both Energize Ventures and HIG Growth Partners lead it.

Sitetracker allows the firms to reach out to the domains such as telecom, electric vehicles, and utility since its inception in 2013 from Palo Alto. Their primary aim focuses on remote deployment and maintenance of their complete physical assets, garnering real-time data and insights with the help of dashboards and reports.

It got enabled as a part of the AI-powered Salesforce Einstein Analytics mining the historical data for serving over the predictive insights. It would allow the Sitetracker customers to establish precise forecasts across every mile and project completion date, relying mainly on the market conditions, vendors, jurisdictions, etc. Sitetracker integrated efficiently with third-party enterprise platforms that span data warehouses, CRM, accounting, ERPs, etc.

The platform has the typical design framework aiming at replacing the legacy systems, which had been identified as similar together, as emphasized by Giuseppe Incitti, CEO of, Sitetracker, and it can never effectively deal with the challenges of this project volume and variety. It often entails disconnected spreadsheets, clipboards, and other contrasting tools. However, Sitetracker commits to becoming the single mode of truth by infusing every project data under a single roof.

It is mentioned earlier by Incitti that Sitetracker aids the infrastructure of the companies to recognize and remove inefficiencies through massive deployments.

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Earlier, Sitetracker had a record of raising around $45, including the series B $10 million in 2019. The recent increase arrives with the announcements made by President Joe Biden of a $2 trillion strategy for rebuilding the infrastructure of the US with green energy at its roots. It spans water systems, greener spaces, electrical grids, and more. It would place platforms like Sitetracker in a robust position for further growth and development.

Under the Presidential plan and identical initiatives going around the globe, the volume of solar, wind, and EV charging stations and battery deployment aim to increase the number of workers required to add hype to this project. Sitetracker is distinctively positioned for acting as both the medium for ensuring that the infrastructure operators are deploying instantly and cost-effectively for attaining a competitive edge around firms seeking to increase their scalability of the employee base.

Sitetracker has grown its user base globally by around 17000 users across different industries, irrespective of the challenges in 2020. It played a customer-centric approach taking pride in the localized support from around the globe. The global presence of Sitetracker includes employees and offices around the USA, Latin America, Europe, and APAC, mainly supported by the main system integrators and the global associate network.

The robust platform of Sitetracker had collaborated with the continued investments across the customer successes driving the adoption rates to more than 90%. The rapidly growing potential of

the Sitetracker is fostered through their effective customer relationship striving to deliver top-notch software to vital infrastructure companies. The Partner at NES, Colin Bryant, even notes that they are super excited at extending their support to Sitetracker through their journey of delivering the software, which is the real game-turner to the key infrastructure providers, deploying and upkeeping their capital assets from around the globe.

The company even asserted strategies to accelerate its global presence, growth, and product roadmap with the other $42 million in its band, including the investments out of the NEA or New Enterprise Associates, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, National Grid Partners, and Salesforce Ventures.


  • Sitetracker is the global dominator in deploying operations, upkeeping them, and developing appropriate asset management software for vital infrastructure and technology providers.
  • Series C of Sitetracker includes the participation of every returning investor along with the new strategic partners led by Energizing Ventures and HIG Growth Partners.
  • Sitetracker uses its round of investment strategies to accelerate the company’s product roadmap, global expansion, and solution delivery abilities.

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