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Millions of people all over the world enjoy playing cricket, which has been around for centuries. Cricket is a sport that calls for talent, commitment, and self-control.

Mandanna is one of the most well-liked cricket players in the world. Smriti is a cricketer from India who has represented his country since 2011-13. In numerous Test matches, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 Internationals, she has played for India.

Mandanna is regarded as one of the world’s top cricketers. This blog post will examine the best of Mandanna’s greatest cricket performances.

2017: Best Game of Smriti against England team-

In a series of Test matches in 2017, India and England competed against one another. India won the first Test after scoring 259/9 in the fourth innings. Mandanna was instrumental in the triumph, scoring the match-winning 70-75 runs that allowed India to take the series lead. India’s batting crumbled in the second Test, and they were dismissed for 100-178 runs. Mandanna, on the other hand, scored an impressive 50-55 runs, laying the groundwork for the Indian victory. India went on to win the game and the series as a result.

2018: Unsurpassed Game of Smriti against Australian team-

A series of One Day Internationals featured league games between Australia and India in 2018. India won the first ODI with a total of 202/8 in the fourth innings. Mandanna was instrumental in the victory, scoring an outstanding 50-59 runs and grabbing 2-3 wickets to give India the series lead. India’s batting crumbled in the second ODI, and they were dismissed for 120-130 runs. But Smriti, who scored 50-59 runs and took 2- 3 wickets, was the shining star. India ultimately prevailed in the game and the series by a margin of 10-15 runs.

2019: Supreme Game of Smriti against Pakistan team-

India against the team of Pakistan competed for one in a series of Twenty20 Internationals in 2019. India defeated the opposition in the first T20I with a score of 130/7 in the fourth innings. Mandanna put forth a strong effort, scoring an unbeaten 40-42 runs and grabbing one wicket. India was able to take the series lead thanks to this efficiency. India’s batting performance in the second T20I was appalling, and they were outscored by 90-95 runs. However, Mandanna, who scored 30-34 runs and claimed one wicket, stood out as the top performer. India ultimately prevailed in the game and the sequences by a margin of 10-11 runs. Smriti’s all-around output proved her potential as a valuable member of the team and was essential to India’s decisive win. The victory also demonstrated India’s broad range of skills and its capacity to recover from adversity.

2019: Top Inclined of Smriti against Sri Lankan team-

The 2019 version saw a three-match Test series between India and Sri Lanka. India won the first Test after scoring 300-332/9 in the 4th overs. Smriti was the star player, contributing three wickets and 50-56 runs to help India win the series. India found themselves in a challenging situation in the second Test; their batting crumbled, and they were dismissed for just 100-103 runs. Mandanna, who scored a match-winning 83 runs and claimed two wickets, stole the show. India eventually won the game by six wickets and the sequence as a result. India’s achievement was made possible by Mandanna’s steady play all across the series, and her all-around skills were essential. She won the player of the round winner for her contributions with both the wicket and the fielder, and she became a rising star in Indian cricket as a result.


Over the past few years, Smriti has unquestionably been a crucial member of the Indian team. She frequently turns in tournament accomplishments, which has enabled India to win several series. A few of her best shows, which demonstrate why she is among the greatest athletes worldwide, include the top-hit cricket matches mentioned in this article. Hope the above tricks of bets will come in your favor!

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