Kacey Alexander Gaulden: First Son Of U.S. Rapper Bio, Age, Family, Nationality, Ethnicity


‘Gaulden’ surname is enough to address the little Kayden Gaulden, born February 13, 2019, in the United States of America. Kacey Alexander Gaulden is the son of famous American rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again, formally known as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. He is the fifth child of his father out of eight. Being Aquarius, he might be stubborn yet friendly with Libra signs. One can say that a good bond between father and son is an example of the above.


YoungBoy Never Broke Again (NBA) is a famous rapper, who is African – American. He was born on October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Kacey Alexander Gaulden grandmother took all his responsibility of upbringing on her old shoulders.

When Kacey Alexander Gaulden was behind bars on a charge of an out-of-state warrant and twice attempted two-degree murder at the teenage of only 17, his “Win or Lose” music video song release became viral and earned him fame. His other hit song “Mixtape 38 Baby is added to the list soon.

Being a librarian, Kacey Alexander Gaulden possesses an art of balance and is a fair being. He is also good at communication; this skill helps him to convey his mind in point words.

At present, he is only 23 and already became the father of 8 children. To people’s surprise, all the kids are from different ladies/mothers except one who owns two. All are wholeheartedly accepted by him, even one out of them is not his biological son.

It is said that YoungBoy didn’t get his father’s company, because his father was serving 55 years in jail. By heart, he knew the value of his father and his presence in life. Therefore, he is raising all his kids with great responsibility and fatherhood.

Mother’s love

Jania Meshell Bania is the biological mother of Kacey Alexander Gaulden. By profession, she is a famous model on Instagram. She celebrates her birthday every year on January 11, 2000. She was born in Houston, Texas.

She started her Instagram account at the age of sweet sixteen and regularly posted her latest modeling photos; which became the first milestone of her rapid career growth. Soon she was liked by many, and she put forward her second step in the world of YouTube. The most renowned and loving social media place. She got a huge response on YouTube in the form of Subscribers.

Her popularity has shined manifolds ever since she started dating YoungBoy NBA. As a result, she quickly reached 5,00,000 followers. Another famous advantage of this couple, grabbed by Jania, is in the form of working with prominent brands and companies.

Yet the duo was not together for a long drive of life. After the end of the relationship, she announced her pregnancy with her ex-boyfriend Mr. Gaulden and chose to become a single mother.

Despite her pregnancy, she never looked back on her career. One can say that a mother’s love empowers a girl to face all the odd challenges, which makes a person more determined and focused.

At the very young age of her twenties, she gave birth to a baby boy. Kacey Alexander Gaulden is often seen with her mother in the photographs.

She started her fashion business named Lash by Jania Meshell and put all her best efforts to spread the brand across the world.

Bonding with siblings

Kacey Alexander Gaulden shares his father’s name along with five other sons and two daughters. His brothers are Kamiri from Starr Dejanee, Taylin from Nia, Kamron (non-biological), Kayden from Nisha, Kentrell Jr. from Iyanna Mayweather, and sisters are Armani from Nisha and Kodi from Drea Symone respectively.

All the siblings have less age gap hence everyone enjoys their company a lot.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden’s Popularity

As we know most of the celebrity kids become popular before taking birth, so as Kacey Alexander Gaulden. Jania Bania posted the whole birthing process live on Hip-Hop Vibe Online, therefore he too became a famous person known by many within minutes of his arrival on the earth.

Apart from their mother’s name fame, little Kacey Alexander Gaulden gained popularity in his first-ever video debut with his father. The music video title was also ‘Kacey Talk’ released in 2020. It shows the love, care, and affection of his father towards him. We can’t say that love and affection are only reserved for Kacey but equally loved and cared for by him.

Even though Kacey Alexander Gaulden was loved by both, a video became viral in 2019; where Kacey’s mother was assaulted by his father YoungBoy. Unfortunately, this tragedy too helped Kecey to become a more popular/ known personality.

Lucky Boy

Well, being only 4 years old, we can’t conclude much about “The Kacey Alexander Gaulden”, except that being a child of a famous personality, he too became popular among people. He is lucky that his parents are famous and huge self-earners. Otherwise, in the world, many have been abandoned due to financial crises, career growth, and many other issues.

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