Harper Willow Grohl Is Dave Grohl’s Daughter: Age, Family, Bio


On August 2, 2003, the former Nirvana drummer and Blum exchanged vows at their Los Angeles mansion. Blum’s marriage was her first, while Grohl’s was her second after her 1997 divorce married photographer Jennifer Youngblood.

The couple’s first child was born three years later, at age 17, and was followed by the births of Harper Willow, at age 14, in 2009, and Ophelia Saint, at age 8, in 2014.

The youngest child of Foo Fighters commander and former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl and the musician’s spouse Jordyn Blum is Harper Willow Grohl. On the nineteenth of April 2009, she was born in Los Angeles, California.


Harper Willow is still young at the time, therefore not much is known about her life in the general public. To ensure that she has a typical childhood, her parents have experimented with keeping her out of the spotlight as much as possible. She has nevertheless made a few public appearances with her family, including going to award ceremonies and concerts.

The founding member of the Foo Fighters explained how being a father has significantly altered both his life and his career in an article for TIME magazine’s “10 Questions” feature from 2009. “I used to tour nine months out of the year,” he remarked. “I no longer enjoy spending more than 12 days away from my children. Everything I do has changed as a result. Once you have children.

After the album’s popularity, Grohl requested the help of the rest of the band. What happens is history. The band has published ten studio albums, eleven live albums, four compilation albums, and 57 singles as a result of its immense popularity.  Seven of their studio albums debuted at the top of the charts worldwide. The Foo Fighters have consequently taken home 15 Grammy Awards, 5 Brit Awards, and 3 NME Awards.

In 2003, Grohl got married to Jordyn Bloom, his second wife. Their first child, Violet Maye, was born in 2006, accompanied by Harper Willow and Ophelia Saint. Like their father, both Violet and Harper appear to like music. Harper’s drumming expertise is evident in this excellent video, and Violet has already performed onstage with the Foo Fighters.


In June 2017, they shared a stage at Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival. Harper’s father, Dave, gave the audience an introduction and explained how she learnt to play. Harper informed her father that she wished to become a musician.

The rest of the band played and sang along, including Hawkins, who added vocals as his drumming skills were not required. Harper looked so confident, which is amazing for such a young girl. She absolutely nails the song and looks delighted to be there with her dad and his band.

For his part, pride and joy just radiate out of Grohl as he watches his little girl follow in his footsteps. It’s such an uplifting and heartwarming video. If two Grohls onstage are not enough for you, we have you covered. Check out Violet and Harper, both performing with their dad in 2018. Harper played the drums, and Violet sang at the Notes and Words concert, a benefit to raise money for San Francisco’s UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.


Dave Grohl, Harper Willow’s father, has been having an enormous influence on her life. He has discussed how becoming a parent altered his outlook on life and the corporate world in interviews. Additionally, he has talked about how his girls function as his creative inspiration and how he makes an effort to incorporate his kids in his musical undertakings.

Harper Willow gained prominence in 2018 when she appeared on stage with her father and sister Violet to perform encouragement vocals during a Foo Fighters concert in Oakland, California. The trio recreated Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” to the delight of the people in attendance


Harper Willow has already conveyed interest in music despite her contract age. Dave Grohl revealed in an interview that his daughter loved the Beatles and has been taking guitar lessons. Aside from that, he said that she had composed her first song, calling it “pretty outstanding for an eight-year-old.”

Additionally, Harper Will seems to get along well with Violet, her sister who has an age four years older than her. Dave Grohl has mentioned in interviews how his girls are each other’s best friends and how he enjoys seeing them communicate as they become older.

Harper Willow’s personal life is mostly unidentified, besides her sporadic public appearances with her family. But it’s obvious that she’s blossoming.


The youngest child of Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum is Harper Willow Grohl. Since she is still fairly young, not much of her life is known to the wider population.  Her passion in music and her potential as a songwriter, according to her father, have been developed mentioned. Harper Willow’s parents have made an effort to give her a typical childhood and insulate her from the spotlight as much as they can despite their family’s popularity.

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