Dinah Mattingly: Bio, Age, Children, Height, Husband, Net Worth

Who is Dinah Mattingly?

There is no information about Dina Mattingly on Wikipedia. However, she is famous as the wife of former basketball player and coach Larry Bird. The two met and started dating in the early 1980s. When Dina was 34, he proposed to her. They got married on 31 October 1989

Dinah Mattingly biography

Dinah is the wife of former basketball player and former coach Larry. Larry, who is working as a basketball executive, is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Dina and Larry married in 1989. And the pair started living together. After her marriage to Larry, Dina Mattingly adopted Corey Byrd. Corey was born in Larry’s first marriage to Janet Kondra. Dina Mattingly and Larry Bird adopted two children named Maria and Connor. Dina Mattingly prefers to keep a low profile.

Dinah Mattingly Age, Height & Weight

As we discuss about dina’s physique status, Dina Byrd, who is now 68 years old, Dina Byrd height is 5 feet 5 inches, 1.67 in meters and her weight is 123 pounds (57 kg). Her eyes are brown, and hair is blond.

Dinah Mattingly family

Larry is married to Mattingly. Dina and her husband are the parents of three children. The children’s names are Connor, Maria, and Corey.

Dinah Mattingly education

Dinah attended Indiana State University after graduating from Terre Haute High School. Despite marrying one of the most well-known basketball players of all time. Dinah has always maintained a quiet profile.

Dinah Mattingly career

It is believed that Dina is a homemaker. Her children and basketball-loving husband live with her. Her husband is a basketball player. He started playing basketball in high school. He had many offers while playing for Sycamore but turned them all down. The Boston Celtics drafted him for a staggering $3.25 million after playing for the Sycamores.

Dinah Mattingly relationship

Dinah Mattingly was in college when she met Larry Bird. Dinah and Larry adopted a son and a daughter. He was also accused of criminal mischief, marijuana possession, and weaponries intimidation. However, Connor was eventually released after some of the charges were dropped. Dinah also has Corrie Bird, a stepdaughter. Corrie was born on August 14, 1977, to Larry and Janet Condra, to whom he had previously been married.

Larry Bird marriage date

In terms of his personal life, Larry Bird is married and has experienced two failed marriages. After their divorce, Larry’s ex-wife Dinah also remarried in 1989. Even though they divorced after less than a year of marriage, Bird wed Janet Condra in 1975. After a brief reconciliation, they gave birth to Corrie in 1977. But soon they dispersed in different directions. Bird later wed Dinah in 1989. Conner and Mariah, their two adoptive children, are theirs.

Biography of the husband of Larry Bird

Larry Bird
Larry Bird

On December 7, 1956, Larry Bird was born. French Lick was once a well-known resort town where healthy waters from mineral springs attracted tourists. French Lick had fallen upon difficult situations when Bird was a youth. The Bird family was never able to make ends meet, despite his father’s success in finding employment in the town’s factories

Dinah Mattingly on social media

In a time when practically every famous person is on social media, Dinah Mattingly’s absence from all of the sites is startling. Dinah’s ideas and images are difficult to find on social media, unlike her husband, who has accounts on all major sites. She was the center of attention, for instance, when her husband’s alleged adultery was covered by the sports media. She most possible avoids public platform for a reasons.

Dinah Mattingly net worth

Dinah has not revealed her career path, so her earnings and wealth are also currently unknown. We can think that she is just stay at house as a housemother because she is not identified to be working for currency. It is believed that Larry Bird has a net worth of 75 million. In addition, during his career, he was paid approximately 26 million dollars.

Interesting fact about Dinah

  • She lived most of her life in Terre Haute, a Vigo County administrative city. Her parents and siblings are unknown.
  • Larry and Dinah became friends at Indiana State University. They develop into friends; however they were dating various people at the time.
  • She has faithfully remained with Larry despite the negative media coverage of their marriage.
  • Three children are former basketball stars. The other is an adopted child from his previous marriage.
  • On social media, it’s hard to get pictures and opinions from Dinah.

FAQ about Dinah Mattingly

Is Dinah alive or dead?

Dinah is not dead. They have not been statement to be ill or to have some health issues.

Where to find Dinah?

Mattingly has not disclosed her exact residence location for security reasons. If we find the location and pictures of her residence, we will update this information immediately.

Dinah married got married?

She is indeed married to Dinah. They tied the knot in 1989 and now have two children together. With their kids, the pair lives in the U.S.

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