Cremaffin Plus: A Comprehensive Medical Description


Cremaffin Plus is a laxative medication that is prescribed to a high number of patients annually. Constipation is a condition typified by irregular or difficult bowel motions, and this treatment is often used to alleviate these symptoms. Constipation sufferers might benefit greatly from this cure. The purpose of this medical summary of Cremaffin Plus is to provide a comprehensive review of the product in terms of its ingredients, mechanism of action, therapeutic uses, recommended dosage, side effects, and warnings.


Cremaffin Plus is a laxative that combines the benefits of two different active ingredients. Milk of magnesia and liquid paraffin are two examples of these substances. Magnesium hydroxide is the common name for each of these substances. In addition, the formulation contains sodium picosulfate, a stimulating laxative that increases the efficacy of the laxative effect.

Mechanism of Action:

· Liquid Paraffin- It helps with defecation by making the intestinal walls and faeces more slippery. By coating the intestinal lining with a thin, slippery layer, liquid paraffin reduces friction and makes bowel movements easier for the user.

· Milk of Magnesia- This substance has an osmotic effect inside the digestive system. It improves stool volume and softness by drawing water into the colon. The benefits of this technique include alleviating constipation and stimulating bowel movements.

· Sodium Picosulfate- It acts as a stimulant on the intestine’s muscles, increasing the frequency and intensity of contractions (peristalsis) and therefore accelerating the movement of faeces through the colon.

Therapeutic Uses:

Cremaffin Plus is primarily used for the relief of acute or chronic constipation. Constipation, diarrhoea, gas, and rectal pain are some of the symptoms it can alleviate. Rectal discomfort is another symptom that may improve. Cremaffin Plus’s synergistic blend of medicinal ingredients may provide strong relief from constipation. The combination of these chemicals ensures that elimination is smooth and comfortable.

Dosage and Administration:

The correct Cremaffin Plus dosage must be determined by a medical professional after considering the patient’s age, the severity of constipation, and the patient’s overall health. The recommended human dosage is approx 15–45 millilitres, given once day, preferably before bed. The appropriate dosage for children should be determined with the help of a doctor because the dose may vary based on the child’s age and weight.

Cremaffin Plus comes in the form of a tablet, and it is advised that one take it orally with a full glass of water. Taking the drug as prescribed and for the full duration allotted is crucial in reducing the risk of adverse effects.

Precautions and Warnings:

· Anyone with a known allergy to any of the components in Cremaffin Plus should not use it.

· This drug is not recommended for patients who are very dehydrated, have an intestinal blockage, or are suffering significant stomach pain.

· Use of Cremaffin Plus for a lengthy time period or at high doses might cause reliance on laxatives and a loss of normal bowel function.

· Cremaffin Plus should not be used during pregnancy or during breastfeeding without first seeing a physician.

Possible Side Effects:

Like many medicines, Cremaffin Plus may cause unwanted side effects in some users. These negative effects are often mild and short-lived, but anybody experiencing even a little increase in severity should visit a doctor. Some potential unfavourable results might include:

· Abdominal pains or discomfort

· Nausea And Vomiting

· Diarrhoea

· Allergic responses (which are uncommon but nonetheless possible).

Manage side effects:

Diarrhea- one should keep himself well hydrated by chugging water, squash, or fruit juice. Any medication should not without first talking to your doctor.

Nausea and Vomiting- Take this medication with food or immediately after eating. Stay with the basic fare. Consume cold meals and liquids, but stay away from fried, fatty, and sugary items. If your feelings of sickness don’t abate, see your doctor.


Sodium picosulfate, liquid paraffin, and milk of magnesia all play roles as active components in the laxative known as Cremaffin Plus. The lubrication, softer stools, and increased digestive activity it provides are all crucial to relieving constipation. This treatment is widely used. However, it is vital to take the necessary steps, stick to the appropriate dosage, and be aware of any possible ill effects. Discuss your alternatives with a trained medical specialist before starting a new pharmaceutical regimen or making any alterations to an existing one.

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