Story Of Anton James Pacino: Know About Bio, Age, Family, Net worth

Who Is Anton James Pacino

Anton James Pacino was born on January 25, 2001, along with his sister, Olivia Pacino. Anton Pacino is famous for being the son of the greatest of the 20th century, Alfred “Al” James Pacino, and Beverly D’Angelo.

Anton Pacino was raised in a lavish multi-million dollar palatial mansion in Beverly Hills, located in the US state of California. He and his sister, Olivia Pacino, were raised under the shared care of their parents.

Anton James Pacino Age Height Weight

This celebrity’s son is just 22 years old. Whose body weight is heavy, which is about 67 kg, and whose eyes are blue. His hair color is brown, and his height is 157 cm, which is 5′ 2″. He is very young and talented, and he does not have any affairs with anyone. Thus, when any information is leaked about him, it will be indicated on this website. 

Anton James Pacino Family

AI Pacino is the father of this Anton James Pacino, and his mother is Beverly D’Angelo. His parents met in the year 1997 and have been in a relationship for six years. In this way, in the year 2001, she gave birth to twins. And the other is a twin daughter, Olivia. Since these twins are born at the same time, there is no clear information about who was born first.

Anton Has A Half-Sister

Anton James Pacino is not only the twin sister as he also has the half-sister. Her name is Julie Marie Pacino. She is the daughter of AI Pacino and his ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant. They both never got married but had a good relationship and gave birth to this Julie Marie Pacino. She is also more interested in the acting line, so she is currently the producer and director in the cine film industry.

Anton James Pacino Education

As per the source, it is said that this famous celebrity kid has completed his schooling and now has a video game company. This information was leaked in an interview with his mother, Beverly D’Angelo. His father AI Pacino wants his son to be in the film industry like his twin daughter Olivia Pacino. Even Anton has not made any cameo role in the movies, indicating that he is not interested in the limelight and wants to follow his ambition. Some websites say that she studied acting in institutes but don’t know whether it is true or false.

Professional career

Anton James Pacino is the celebrity kid and also the twin brother of Olivia. His sister is more interested in an acting career, so she has also completed her acting study at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. This institute is located in New York, and also she is interested as a Model and photographer. But when it comes to Anton James Pacino’s professional career, there is no clear information about it. Some sources are saying that he is learning acting, but some of the sources are indicating that he is interested in developing his own video game company.

Social media

Anton James Pacino is not interested in sharing his social media account with anyone. Also, his mother and father, who are celebrities, are not revealing anything about it. This means that this person wants to live in complete privacy even when he is the child of a famous celebrity.

Net worth

Since there is no clear information about this celebrity kid, it is believed that Anton James Pacino has a one million dollar current net worth. But when it comes to his father, Ai Pacino’s net worth is about 120 million dollars. This means that this person has lived the best and most luxurious life in childhood. Thus when it comes to his mother, Beverly D’ Angelo, she has a net worth of $ 20 million as she is a famous actress and also likes to appear in various TV shows.


Is Anton Dating anyone in 2023?

Anton is the son of famous Hollywood actors AI Pacino and  Beverly D’ Angelo. he is just 22 years old, and also he is not interested in dating anyone currently. The information about his relationship, if any, will be updated to the fans immediately.

Where is Anton James Pacino?

He has the video game industry and works as an entrepreneur, but after the divorce of his parents, there is no information about his present location.

Does his twin sister have a learning disability?

The twin sister of Anton James Pacino is Olivio Pacino, and she has a learning disability in her school days. But after that, she studied acting at the institute, then created her career in the movies and became a model and photographer.

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