Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy: Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Nationality, Net Worth

Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy Biography

Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy is the well-known daughter of Geena Davis. Actress and political activist Jenna Davis is known for her strong, relatable roles. She grew up alongside her brothers Kian William and Kelis Steven Jarrahi. Alizeh will turn 21 on 10 April 2023. He was born in the United States of America in Los Angeles, California. Zarahi is not the only daughter of her parents, Cass Steven Zarahi and her younger brother Kian William Zarahi were born before their parents’ divorce on May 6, 2004. Alizeh has completed her secondary education. She is currently preparing to enter college.

Davis Jarrahy Age Height & Weight

She was born on 10 April 2002 in U.S. Was born in she will be 21 years old on 10 April 2023, And Aries is his sun sign. In a way, he is an Iranian American.
She is 52 kg, and is 5 feet tall, 5 inches wide. Both his eyes and hair are a deep, dark brown color. Regarding her looks, Alizeh Keshavar is an attractive young lady with a unique and cool manner.

Keshvar Davis family

The now 20 Year old Alizeh, who approach from a famous family, has reserved a low report. It is now not possible to inform if she and her spouse are having a close relationship. Davis, The pair, who had been collectively for 15 years however were set up at a party, fell in care for and started a relation that would finally lead to marriage and three good-looking kids. The actress, who made her acting debut in the 1982 film Tootsie, filed a petition in response to the divorce action, arguing that she and Jarrahy were never lawfully wed.

Keshvar Davis Education

Alizeh’s postsecondary schooling is complete. Moreover, Davis backs the Women’s Sports Foundation. Following to, Davis finance the main study ever on sexual category in children’s distraction by the Annenberg School for statement at the college of Southern California, which formed four part studies, one of which had a aims on children’s TV.

Keshvar Davis career

She has not started her professional job yet because she is still a student. Her mother, Geena, has had a distinguished acting career, though. Alizeh keshvar davis jarrahy has experience working as a salesperson and a waitress. She also had a job as a window display. She made a look in the movie a group of Their Own. She has work together with, Tom Hanks Rosie O’Donnell, and Madonna.

Davis Relationship

It is acceptable to be in a relationship in today’s society. Regarding Young Alizeh’s dating situation, there is no evidence that they are in a relationship. The issue lies in the teen’s failure to disclose personal information about her online publicly. Or maybe her boyfriend stops the paparazzi from taking pictures of them. Additionally, Jarrahy may be only concerned with her academic performance. Thus, alizeh keshvar davis jarrahy seems to enjoy living a quiet life. In any case, we’d adore seeing Alizeh Keshvar with the man of her dreams.

Keshvar Davis on social media

Alizeh chooses to lead a quiet life free from the spotlight of social media. As a result, Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy’s Instagram is not accessible right now. She does not actively use any social media sites.

Keshvar Davis net worth

Alizeh keshvar davis jarrahy has no revenue since she is still in school. Additionally, her well-known 1992 and 1993 films League of Her Own and 1995’s Cutthroat Island brought in 9,700,000 dollars. She has also appeared in movies alongside Freddie Simpson. Davis purchased an apartment in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Pacific Palisades for 4.2 million in 2007. Nonetheless, she put her property available for 6 million in August 2020.

FAQ about alizeh keshvar

Is alizeh keshvar alive or dead?

Keshvar is in good health. There were no claims that she was exhausted or had any illnesses.

Is alizeh keshvar famous direct?

Keshvar is an occupant of the USA; As soon as we acquire them, we will post pictures of her house online.

What are the films of alizeh keshvar?

She made her acting debut when she was cast as April Page in the 1982 film Tootsie.


Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy has delighted in distinction since her introduction to the world however she never glimmered like other VIP kids. Are you in agreement with the question, she debut in the Entertainment Industry or remain secluded from the media.

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