Piso Wifi Pause: Know Its Complete Features, Time, and Logout!

Are you curious about Piso Wifi Pause, and want to know about its features, login, and purchase procedure, then you landed on the right web page, in this blog, we will explain everything about piso wifi. So let’s start the blog.

What is Piso Wifi Pause? Piso wifi is the fastest online internet portal in the Philippines country, this has multiple unique features, which allow the customer to log their internet connection, and also have SLEEP_TIMER features, through this we can use Piso Wifi Pause time features, suppose if a user is not at home for a couple of days, so they can use pause time features to pause internet connection for a couple of days, and when they come reconnect again.

The portal lets customers sign in, log in, pay, and manipulate their internet to get entry to time. The portal also displays information such as the remaining time, the pause function, and the network status. The Piso wifi Portal has modes: user mode and admin mode. User mode is for regular users who want to access the internet through Piso wifi. Admin mode is for router owners who want to configure and manage Piso wifi routers.

Piso Net wifi

Piso Net wifi is a variation of the Piso wifi portal, which refers to the equal device offering net get admission for a rate using a router and a portal. With Piso Net, customers can pay for internet access by the hour. Piso Net also allows businesses to set different pricing tiers based on internet speed, usage limits, and other factors. Piso Wifi Access Requirement

To log in to the piso wifi portal, you need to have the following requirements:

  • A device with wifi capability, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • A web browser that supports HTML5, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.
  • A phone number and an email address for registration and verification purposes.
  • Coins or QR codes for payment purposes.

How to Register On Piso wifi

To register for a Piso wifi admin account, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open your web browser and enter in the address bar.
  • You will see the Piso wifi Portal in admin mode.
  • “Register” by entering details at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Enter the asked details, such as your name, email address, and password.
  • Complete the registration process by submitting the details. Piso wifi PortalComplete Login Process  

To access Piso wifi pause time features, you have to log in and register on its dashboard first, and if you don’t know its process, follow the steps guided below.

  • Connect the Piso wifi device to your router.
  • Power on the Piso wifi device.
  • Your device has to be connected to the Piso wifi network.
  • Go to Google and search
  • on the search result, click on its official web address.
  • on clicking, on its original source, you will be on the Piso wifi login page. piso wifi pause piso wifi pause
  • where put your login id and password, and click on the sign-in button.
  • now you will be on its live dashboard, on the right corner click on settings.
  • In the Piso wifi general setting options click on pause time options and enable it.
piso wifi pause time
  • after closing your browser.
  • Now again go to the Piso wifi dashboard.
  • this time you see there is a pause time option available. piso wifi pause piso wifi pause
  • now you can pause the piso wifi option with ease, just click on the yellow button given in the images.
  • If you still have any confusion in your mind, just go to youtube and watch a complete tutorial on Piso wifi pause time. piso wifi pause piso wifi pause – u tube toturials

Benefits of Piso wifi 

Piso wifi has many benefits for both users and router owners.

  • For users, Piso wifi uses:
  • Affordable and convenient Internet access
  • Flexible payment options
  • Ability to pause and resume connection
  • Ability to use own devices
  • Ability to access various online services
  • For router owners:
  • Low investment and maintenance cost
  • High-profit potential
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Ability to attract more customers
  • Ability to monitor and manage network

Does the have any significance?

The is an IP address assigned to the Piso wifi router by default. Using this IP address, users can access their devices to communicate with each other on a network. The IP address belongs to a private network range that is not accessible from the public internet.

The IP address has no special significance other than being the default address for Piso wifi routers. However, some users may confuse it with similar IP addresses, such as or, also common default addresses for routers.

How to set up devices to connect to Piso wifi at

Configuring your devices to use the Piso wifi portal is a simple process that requires no technical expertise. To configure your devices using Piso wifi, do this:

  • Turn on your device’s wifi and scan for available networks.
  • Select the network name corresponding to the Piso wifi router you want to connect to.
  • Open your web browser and input within the deal with bar.
  • Register by name, email, and phone number if you’re a new user.
  • If you already have an account, log in to the portal using your phone, email, and password.
  • Once logged in, get the access time by scanning a QR code on your device display.
  • You will see a countdown timer on your tool display screen or a reveal about the router showing your final time.
  • You can pause and resume your connection anytime via an urgent button on the router or device screen.
  • You also can test your community reputation, stability, and records on the portal.

Customer Support Service Mobile Number:

If you encounter problems using the Piso wifi portal, you can contact the customer support service. They will assist you in resolving any issues you may have with the system. You can find the mobile number for the customer support service on the official website or the admin panel of the Piso wifi portal.

Details for Piso wifi Pause Time Reset:

You must access the admin panel to reset the password and username for the Piso wifi pause time. Once in the admin panel, you can change the password and username for the pause time feature.

How can I pause or stop Piso wifi?

Pausing or stopping the Piso wifi service is simple. You can pause or stop the service through the admin panel. Once you are in the admin panel, you will see an option to pause or stop the Piso wifi service.

How can I limit the speed of my wifi?

To limit the speed of your wifi, you need to access the admin panel of the Piso wifi portal. Once you are in the admin panel, you can set the speed limit for your wifi network. This is a useful feature if you want to control the bandwidth your customers use.

Conclusion Piso wifi portal is a powerful tool for managing your wifi network. It provides many useful features, including setting up a Piso Net wifi system, monitoring usage, and configuring your devices. Following this article’s instructions, you can easily set up and manage your Piso wifi portal. Contact the customer support service for assistance if you have any questions or problems.

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